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Mustard & Miel

The Mustard & Miel Gift Box

The Mustard & Miel Gift Box

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A holiday collection of breakfast essentials from the heart of the Catskills. 


Catskill Skeppa Honey (8 oz) 
Treat yourself to honey-based healing with pure, raw honey from the Northern Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York. This medium or midsummer honey includes a bountiful array of summertime blooms such as thyme, hyssop, catnip, lavender, mountain mint, coneflower, borage, thistle, comfrey, milkweed, and many others.

Pure Local Maple Syrup (8 oz) 
Pure Local Grade A New York State wood-fired Maple Syrup produced by the Welsh Homestead Sugar House in Middleburgh, NY.

Phoenicia Diner Pancake Mix (20 oz.)
A brand new signature pancake mix from local Catskills legend Phoenicia Diner. 

Bluestone Roasting Company Coffee (12 oz.)
Roasted in small batches to ensure top quality and freshness, we've included Blue Stone Roasting Company's most popular blend in our offering. Tasting notes include hints of chocolate and lemon, smooth medium acidity, medium roast and full-bodied. This coffee is ground for drip coffee and sealed for freshness in a foil pouch.

Catskill Skeppa Votive Candle (1)
This beeswax skep votive lets you pay loving homage to the bees who created it. Made with beeswax sourced from our Northern Catskill Apiary.


  • Packed in a reusable natural pine wood box with a sliding lid (10 in. x 10 in. x 5 in.)
  • Packed with 100 percent natural hardwood strands that are biodegradable.
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