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Introducing Mustard & Miel

Mustard & Miel is a new store located on Main Street in the Village of Catskill NY that specializes in products that heal from the inside out.

Our first product being showcased this holiday season is Catskill Skeppa Honey. Catskill Skeppa Honey is naturally rejuvenating, sustainably harvested, and locally sourced from our very own Northern Catskill Apiary.


Will I be charged tax on my gift box?


The Mustard and Miel Gift box is a tax exempt item, for the most part. Most states do not charge tax on the food items it contains so in short, no you will not be charged tax! 

The Catskill Skeppa Gift box has a few taxable items in it but we went ahead and factored in the cost to keep things easy, so again, no additional cost.

Do I have to pay extra for shipping?


Shipping is free for the gift box options we offer this holiday season.

Can I ship individual gift boxes to individual locations? 


Navigate to your cart, there you will see a checkbox at the top of your list of items asking if you would like to “Ship to multiple addresses” check this box and you can enter as many addresses as you have boxes. 

*Note: this is one step before checkout, if you are already at the payment page, you’ll need to navigate back to your cart to select the option to send to multiple addresses.

Can I include a note in my gift box?

Sure! You can write a short note in the instructions at checkout, or send us an email at and we’ll work out the details.