Taste the Catskills In Every Drop

Did you know honey is one of the oldest foods in the world? And one of the healthiest natural sweeteners out there — when it's harvested sustainably and in harmony with the local environment.

That's why Mustard & Miel is proud to harvest and sell naturally healing Catskill Skeppa Honey sourced from our apiary in the Northern Catskills. We call it Skeppa Honey to celebrate the patient daily work of the bee in its skeppa, an old Norse word that refers to the domed hive made of twisted and woven straw thought to have been first used by early Icelandic beekeepers.

Our Catskill Skeppa Honey is rich in rejuvenating nutrients and antioxidants, has antibacterial properties, and fights inflammation while supporting ecological biodiversity and the rewilding of local habitats.

Take home a jar of Catskill Skeppa Honey to savor a raw honey rich in the delicate floral notes of the Catskills, including a bountiful array of summertime blooms such as thyme, hyssop, catnip, lavender, mountain mint, coneflower, borage, thistle, comfrey, milkweeds and many others.

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